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Healthy Back Tips

Exercise regularly- Something as simple as a daily walk can make a huge difference.

Eat a healthy diet- Healthy nutrients allow the body to repair itself easier.

Keep good posture- Sit up straight and keep your shoulders down.

Stretch your spine- A daily stretch can help alleviate many aches and pains.

Donít overload your backpack or purse- Remember to carry it over both shoulders to balance the load.

Get up and move once every hour- Whether at a desk or in a car, this will help prevent tightening up and keep the cardiovascular system pumping strong.

Never cradle the phone- Use a headset to keep your neck and shoulders from straining.

Sleep on your back or side, not your stomach- Put a pillow between your knees when on your side or a pillow under your knees when on your back.

Invest in a good chair, pillow, and mattress- When you think about the time you spend using these items daily, itís worth it.

Get regular spinal check ups- Itís much easier to prevent a problem than to correct a problem.













In Line Chiropractic Sports and Wellness Center

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